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I have bought a couple of 2011 Topps Chrome hobby boxes from different vendors and each one has had the same problem. The boxes were in good condition and sealed in factory shrink wrap. The packs within the boxes; however, were curved or seemed warped. There is no creasing or any other defects.

I have also read about similar complaints with the Chrome line when looking into the problem.

Is everyone happy with the condition of the 2012 Chrome Football hobby boxes? I love the look of the cards but I want to avoid the problems I have had in the past.
Last years Chrome was pretty bad when it came to warped cards, but it something I think we have all come to expect with Topps Chrome. 2012 is much better, but the popular slight curve does still exist. I also think this years Chrome is cleaner than last years. Last year the cards were marked up or they seemed beat up right out of the pack. I hope this helps.

Good luck, Art
I recently bought a case of 2012 Chrome and am 3 boxes into it. So far no problems like what you mentioned. Hopefully it'll stay that way for me.
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