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Hello collector's,

I'm interested in doing a few trades for any Steelers cards I don't currently have, am focusing on Emmanuel Sanders right now, but will take ANY I don't have. Please check my ORG and see if I have anything you need for your Pittsburgh stuff, thanks!
Aloha!!! I'm very new to this but I got a Emmanuel sanders rookie auto patch #d 8/25...willing to trade for packer stuff lemme know what u got...mahalo!!!!
Check my org. for cards I have to trade and see what all Steelers stuff I have that may interest you and then we can go from there. I have a bunch of Steelers cards I have to list yet too. So just let me know something either way and I'll see what all I can gather up
Footballcards33, I have some dupes of Sanders cards I would move for ones of his I don't have yet. Wouldn't even mind trading down in certain cases. Take a look at my Sanders pc and LMK if you have something I am missing. They are listed in alphabetical/numerical order as in Beckett org.

Link is in my signature.
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