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made the 1.5 hour trip to our fav LCS last night for trade night and moved some product Smile

pbeanjr killed it IMHO and this is what he came home with Smile

[Image: 100_7275.jpg]
2005 Classics Mean Joe Greene # 25/25

[Image: 100_7279.jpg]
2011 Ultimate Signatures Bobby Orr (heck we're Canadian got to have at least one hockey auto in our PC lol)

[Image: 100_7281.jpg]
2010 Topps Tribute CJ Spiller SP RC # 10/20

[Image: 100_7280.jpg]
2006 Flair Showcase Jay Cutler SP RC # 44/75 (doubt any Beckett member wants it Wink)

[Image: 100_7284.jpg]
2006 Contenders Roger Staubach/Joe Bellino auto # 23/50

[Image: 100_7274.jpg]
2008 UD Premier Matt Ryan RC auto # 23/25

and one lil' pack pull .....

[Image: 100_7282.jpg]
2010 Topps Tribute Drew Brees auto # 12/15

think we did okay .....

pbean and pbeanjr
Wow...Some great pick ups there.
Great pick ups!!
Definitely some sweet pickups for the Cutler, I'd burn it....haha
Definitely some sweet pickups for the Cutler, I'd burn it....haha
That brees is nice!! Is it FS? Smile
Awesome cards. Congratulations on the amazing pull too.
(12-05-2012 06:40 PM)aviat0rshades Wrote: [ -> ]Wow...Some great pick ups there.

thanks Smile and they didn't "break the bank" either Smile
That Cutler needs a new dare you mention burn and Cutler in the same sentence Cyber.
Easy ....its a Cutler.....burn baby burn.....lmao
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