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These seem to be the favorites of many....lets see what you have!

[Image: IMG_1817.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0443.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8890-1.jpg]

[Image: FB1E81B4-3631-494E-BF04-F668F6D076AF-755...088D4A.jpg]

[Image: 0A408D12-DD5C-4AE8-9302-64A0346E69DE-232...467C8A.jpg]

[Image: 2238F0C5-E690-4346-8557-A5DB6CFED65D-892...E9EFE3.jpg]
[Image: tttbooklet.jpg]
[Image: favremarinoelwaytriplethreadsjsyaut.jpg]
[Image: marinotriplethreadsjsyautod18of18.jpg]
[Image: brettfavretriplejerseyauto.jpg]
[Image: favretriplethreads.jpg]
[Image: steveyoungjoemontanajerryricetriple.jpg]
[Image: jpg_0003-2.jpg]
[Image: jpg_0002-2.jpg]
[Image: jpg_zps7e587900.jpg]
[Image: jpg_0001_zps7446375d.jpg]
[Image: jpg_0001_zpsaea4a980.jpg]
[Image: jpg_0001-2.jpg]
[Image: jpg_0005_zpsa308478a.jpg]
Oh yeah, I like this kinda party! Big Grin Awesome TTT cards guys. Love 'em all.

[Image: 00306.jpg]

[Image: 00312.jpg]
LOL here's my only one. It doesn't compare to the others in here
[Image: th_AndreCaldwell2008ToppsTripleThreadsJSYAURC.jpg]
Sure it does. Mine aren't impressive, I just like them because they are pc.

(12-05-2012 05:33 PM)jmessick86 Wrote: [ -> ]LOL here's my only one. It doesn't compare to the others in here.
mine are just ttt and pc....For me, nice to have, but not close to my favorite cards
Oh how I love TTT!!! and hate them at the same time for all their parallels...

[Image: img175.jpg]
[Image: img177.jpg]
[Image: img176.jpg]
[Image: img680-1.jpg]
[Image: EdReedToppsTripleThreadsShield1of10001.jpg]
Grabbed this one for $9.

[Image: jpg_0001_zps7446375d.jpg]
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