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hello all!! i am of needing some help. i am trying to locate another one of these stras cards.
its a 2010 topps black border us-55. its numbered out of 59.
i have my bro in law who is also a stras fan and i dont want to give up mine. if anyone can help i would be a happy guy. here is what the pics look like:
please bare with me and the scanner as well. just got a new one. thanks
[Image: Scan0001.jpg]
[Image: Scan0002.jpg]
None on eBay or COMC..may be a tough search..
Do not be confused by people selling the Wal MArt Black bordered cards as Topps Black sn /59
yeah i looked yesterday and couldnt find any. and the only black one that ebay was selling was the all black out version. didnt relize that this was a tough find.
I can only find Wal-Mart ones.
yup, those are the only ones that i see. i guess i have a gem here since i cant find another.
thanks all for the help.
There are only 59 of them and the product is 2 years old now, plus it's not baseball season (or even close to Spring Training yet). So it's not a big surprise that the card isn't readily available at the very moment. Best of luck in finding the card.
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