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So I saw this card on the bay that I really really want but it's out of my price range. I need to sell just about all of these to come about half way to the price it costs. Not gonna say who it is but it is an auto'd card that just looks amazing and I can't keep my eyes off it! It's only BIN but there is 2 weeks left on it so maybe it will still be there in the next few days. If not, I don't think something like it will pop up for a while. So, I need to sell just about everything here. I searched ebay on quite a few of the cards and I am selling them less than any ebay auction since I would like the money quickly. All prices are negotiable and shipping is $2. Will ship tomorrow morning if payment is made by 10 EST tonight. Thanks, and please help a memeber out! If I do sell most of this and get the card, I will post for everyone to stare at haha!

First time digging into the PC...only a tiny bit though. Sorry for some cutoff scans. If you really want a scan of a card, let me know.

Lindor leaf- $12, Lindor donruss- $10, Nunez blue- $14, Nunez tier one- $8, Castro- $45
[Image: sale6.jpg]

Harper(have 3)- $2 each, Cespedes(have 3)- $1 each, Darvish(have 3)- $1 each, Darvish cutting edge- $1.50, Cespedes gold- $2, Starling x-fractor- $2.50, Sanchez green- $2, Hamels- $5
[Image: sale5.jpg]

Ryan- $14,Maris- $1.50, Verlander- $1.50, Griffey- $1.50, Hamilton- $7, Ford- $7, Gehrig- $10, Glavine, Maddux, Justice, Klesko quad jersey /100- $15
[Image: sale3.jpg]

Carter- $10, Chapman auto- $20, Sabathia- $3, Kershaw- $1.50, Span- $3, Mason- $4, Gray- $1.50, Votto- $4, Sogard /25- $12
[Image: sale2.jpg]

Stanton- $1.50, Posey- $1.50, Santana- $1, Montero purple- $2, Montero green- $3, Berkman- $5, Weaver- $4, Holliday- $4, Black-eyed-susan- $3
[Image: sale1.jpg]

Ryan- $12, Piazza /149- $8
[Image: sale4.jpg]
check me for the sogard and hammels
Bump it up
PM me what Cano it is..I may have one already for you...
or so I don't buy it first..ha
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