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Full Version: topps tier one vs TTT
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Many people are able to buy cases and cases of cards but usually I can just afford a box or two every few months.

For the first time I want to buy one of the "expensive" boxes... (still not five star money haha) but what will I get better hits with?

2012 Topps Tier One..... those bat knobs are sick but is there much for just 3 cards?


2012 Triple Threads...... I love the autos in here and the chance to get a book card would be amazing, even more amazing if I land one of griffey

Now I know there is high risk with these boxes, but I dont get anything great out of the boxes I buy now so it is okay lol

or is there another product in the $100-$200 range to look at that is worth it.

Thank you
I think Tier One is just a great looking product compared to Triple Threads.
Go with Triple Threads, but I've had relatively good luck with Museum Collection, so that may be something to look into.
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