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I went out yesterday to the local shops, and picked up a few things. Hit one store, actually looking to hook up with a regular for some "wheelin-dealin", but he wasn't there. Saw they still had a case worth of 2012 Onyx AmerICONS, and had to buy at least one.

Americons is an auto'd baseball product, featuring autos of almost anything BUT baseball players. It's mostly actors,musicians, players from other sports, etc.

So I was mildly surprised to see this:

[Image: 121205_0001.jpg]
[Image: 121205_0002.jpg]

Imagine, a baseball player's auto on a baseball! I was happy..

Next, I hit another store, and bought a box of 2012 Leaf History of Baseball. It's hard to pass up a cut signature for under $20. I've bought a few, and hit about 50% on guys that were of any decent fame and/or value. The VAST majority of these are plain white autographed 3x5 cards,"cut" to fit into a card.

So I was happy here:

[Image: 121205_0003.jpg]
[Image: 121205_0004.jpg]
I really do like the Leaf Cut Signatures, I bought one and got crap, but I do like the look.
nice on the auto's!! same here on the leaf cut. got some guy named Lamarr Hoyt. anyone know him??
Good old LaMarr Hoyt. I remember even at a young age being ashamed of his mustache for him.

[Image: stache_zps1c5c29fa.jpg]
hahaha!!! now thats some funny s**t!!! thanks for the pic!!
Nice jim palmer
Nice autographed baseball and cut signature.
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