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Full Version: New Orleans Pelicans?
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Just read that the New Orleans franchise is planning on changing their name to Pelicans.... This would also mean that the Hornets name becomes available again and MJ didn't rejct the thought of bringing back that name to Charlotte.

What do you think? Especially the team collectors here for these franchises?

To me Pelicans reminded me directly of Pelican Bay, but hey what do I know
I have had some inside info for a while now. The Hornets name has been in the works to come back to Charlotte for soome time now. Of course it just takes time for all the pieces to come together. Theres a movement on the web to "Bring Back The Buzz" to Charlotte. They think they are responsible for it coming back. Ok sure guys. Its because of a petition.... Its already been decided, just have to wait. And they can't annnounce the plan now while there is the New Orleans Hornets currently. It would be bad to do that. They also have to give Addidas some time to design and make Jerseys and such. Thats the facts Jack. Pelicans are cool. Thank God Im not a NewOrleans fan. lol.
Excited for some Henderson Hornets Patch AUTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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