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Full Version: NatsFest
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Washington Nationals have brought back NatsFest which will be on January 26th. Definitely going to make this one.
I'll be there as well. Definitely looking forward to it.
The lines should be pretty short for Bryce's auto, LOL

"Oh well, we'll just get Strasburg's instead" LOL

Man, we went to the Giants' fanfest like three or four years ago (even before they won the series), and it was nuts. I was very lucky to get Will Clark's auto, most didn't even make out that well.

Basically, there were like seven or eight "stations" around the stadium, and the players were supposed to rotate every hour ... but somehow, we got bench coach Ron Wotus twice at our "station" ...

And Lincecum only signed for like the first hour, at the kids' station, and then he bailed.

I mean, you were free to stand in whatever line you wanted, but the lines were so long the guys had rotated out of your station by the time you got up to the front.

So, what some people started doing was just keeping their places in the front of the line and letting people cut in who just wanted random autos (like Wotus) or whatever.

So, either way, unless you were in front of any of the lines, you never had a chance at any good autos.

And we got there WAY early, too ... but they wouldn't open the gates until a certain time, so it was a cluster of people by the time the gates opened.

Man, if they just charged like $5-10 or whatever, it would have weeded out like half the freeloaders, LOL

Oh well, I'm going to try the A's event this year, hopefully it's a little more productive LOL
With Harper and Strasburg the lines will be crazy.
the cardinals do "Winter Warmup" every year. $40 or so for a 3 day pass plus cost of "line tickets" for most players in attendance. cost varies by player, and it can get expensive, but at least the cost of the IP autos get donated to charities.
Got my tix. Hopefully will get a Harper or Strasburg auto. My son loves Desmond. I got two out of the six possible auto sessions, so technically a 33% chance.
3 sessions, 2 groups of 2 players per session equals 12 players. I hope they have Strasburg or Harper but nothing has said they will be signing.
Well thanks to our crappy network being down at work for about 2 hours in the morning, I totally missed out on autograph tickets. I skipped buying an adminission ticket as it just isn't worth it without getting some autos.
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