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Well found one box of stuff I havent shown off plus some mail at my new home Big Grin Enjoy!

[Image: Dec04993.jpg]
[Image: Dec04994.jpg]
[Image: Dec04995.jpg]
[Image: Dec04996.jpg]
[Image: Dec04997.jpg]
[Image: Dec04998.jpg]
[Image: Dec04999.jpg]
yikes, amazing as usual
Lol Thank you sir!
Very nice stuff. Did u have any idea the collectors edge was that bad?
Holy hell those are beautiful cards. The graded cards look amazing and congratulations on the gold bricks.
omg... we have the same von miller! /15, correct?
West - Thanks! I didnt think it was that bad but I knew it had some chipping on the edges. Didnt think they would slam the surface tho lol

Nine - Thank you sir!

Chase - Yes sir it is /15.
Any of those for trade?
Great stuff D! Love the Peyton SPx...wish your NT would have done better.

Sorry on the TTT box. Sad
Very nice... i also really like that spx!
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