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Whoa, that Harper is nice. Congrats.
(12-05-2012 10:07 AM)magneto2 Wrote: [ -> ]Talk about MOJO! Nice break! You should have played the lottery with that kind of luck.. Curious did you sell the Super or Redeem it?

I redeemed it and I'm still waiting to receive the card. I heard Harper still has cards to be signed for Topps so it will probably take months. Pull a card like this and Topps once again let's the collectors down with a redemption and know way of keeping you updated other than saying "Pending". I will post once received.
wowo u should go for the rainbow now!!!
I wouldn't tell anyone where you get your boxes from if I were you! Smile
Congratulations. Such a great pull. I hope to be half as lucky as you with my box.
That is one awesome box and Harper pull.
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