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Ended up just buying a box of this stuff, let me know if you have any wants from this product. Posting results when i het home.
[Image: IMG_6925.jpg]

Here are the "hits"
Jameson Taillon AllStarFutures JSY #/d 199
Mitch Hanigar RC AU
Bryce Harper Blue Refractor #/d 250

Andrew Heany Blue#/d 500
Derek Norris Xfractor
Andrew Pullin Orange #/d 250
Bryce Harper Base
Chris Cowell Blue #/d 500
Steve Clevenger Refractor #/d 300

Refractors : Fernelys Sanchez, Jake Lamb, Charles Gillies,Tyler Tewell, Jason Stolz, and Matt Wessinger
interested in any/all harpers.
I think this is a duplicate thread.
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