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Full Version: Panini Black Friday
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Here are the basketball pulls from my 64 pack break.

8 Kobe Bryant
10 Kevin Durant x2
11 Steve Nash x2
[Image: photo2-3.jpg]

35 Harrison Barnes (050/599)
37 Kenneth Faried (171/599)
37 Kenneth Faried (172/599)
37 Kenneth Faried (211/599)
[Image: photo3-6.jpg]

1 Kobe Bryant
2 Kevin Durant x2
3 Blake Griffin x2
4 Anthony Davis
[Image: photo4-6.jpg]

"Gold" insert
Kyrie Irving
[Image: photo2-5.jpg]

Court Kings
6 Austin Rivers
6 John Stockton
7 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar x2
[Image: photo1-3-1.jpg]

Hoops "buyback"
20 Chris Bosh (4/5)
[Image: photo5-6.jpg]

Cracked Ice
31 Kyrie Irving
[Image: photo1-4.jpg]
If anyone is interested in my pulls for the other sports, here are the links:
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football -
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Nice stuff. Interested in all Lakers, if they are for trade...
Nice cracked ice
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