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Full Version: Panini Black Friday
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Here are the baseball pulls from my 64 pack break.

Baseball pulls
18 Josh Hamilton x2
20 Derek Jeter
21 Albert Pujols x3
22 David Price x2
[Image: photo4-4.jpg]

43 Mike Trout 469/599
45 Yoenis Cespedes 366/599
[Image: photo5-4.jpg]

15 Andrew McCutchen
16 Prince Fielder x2
[Image: photo1-8.jpg]

Diamond Kings
4 Barry Larkin
5 George Brett
7 Mike Trout
8 Yu Darvish x2
RT Ryan Tatusko x3
[Image: photo2-8.jpg]

Printers Proof
Barry Larkin
[Image: photo3-5.jpg]

Cracked Ice
Prince Fielder
[Image: photo4-5.jpg]

If anyone is interested in my pulls for the other sports, here are the links:
baseball -
basketball -
football -
hockey -
Nice hits. If you got any Lawrie give me a look.
interested in the jeter and maybe other yankees stuff
Sweet Larkin!
Nice Black Friday hits!
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