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Full Version: Multi Sport Scans FT.
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Some high end, some low end stuff. Just a bunch of random stuff FT/FS.

[Image: IMG_6921.jpg]

2003 Bowman Robonson Canno RC
2007 A&G Sammy Sosa GU Bat
1999 Edge Ricky Willaims GU Football
2012 Topps Chrome Stephen Strasburg RC
2010 Topps Chrome Austin Jackson RC Gold #/d 50
2007 Topps DPP Steve Breaston Class Marks AU
2005 Absolute TOTT Juan Gonzalex GU Pants, Bat, Jersey Prime#/d25

[Image: IMG_6920.jpg]

2000 Gold Collectibles Frank Thomas GU Bat 23kt gold WCG10
2000 Gold Collectibles Derek Jeter GU Bat 23kt gold WCG 10
1996 Bowmans Best Stephon Marbury RC PSA9

[Image: IMG_6919.jpg]

2007 SP TRT Kenny Irons/Tony Hunt/Brandon Jacobs GU Prime JSY #/d 5/5
2007 Topps Exclusive Roosevelt Colvin AU Super Bowl Ticket
2007 Topps Goudey Ken Griffey Jr/Johnny Bench #/d 15
1933 Goudey Joe Morrissey
1933 Goudey Fred Frankhouse
1941 Joe Gordon/Red Ruffing

[Image: IMG_6918.jpg]

2003 UD Stars and Stripes Justin Verlander JSY
2005 SP Signature Bernard King/Stephon Marbury #/d 25
2002 Playoff Prime Jim Kelly AU #/d 39
1991 UD Teemu Selanne RC GEM10
1998 Finest Fred Taylor RC BGS 8.5
i need the griffey
Just bumped my wantlist, added a few new things, let me know.
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