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I only had to work three hours today at work. After I went to lunch with my wife, I decided to hit up the LCS. I bought my usual A&G because I am in my comfort zone with that brand. After a few packs from a fresh box I pulled this beauty...
[Image: IMG_1651.jpg]
Great hit! Have almost pulled the trigger several times on the bay for that one.
Indeed that is a BEAUTY
Nice pull! I have gotten sort of lucky with that brand and pulled a few auto's. Most notable a Red Ink Cespedes.
I looked this card up and it says that it is a short print card but doesn't give a print run. Does anyone know what it might be?
Nice hit!
Nice hit! She's a stone cold fox.
Awesome pull!
Very nice - just too bad it wasn't Kate Upton (more a fan of hers than Andrews). Good to see somebody with some A&G luck. Best I was able to do this year was a Vernon Wells relic from a group break.
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