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Full Version: Limited Cuts Cut Auto
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Just got a Limited Cuts Judy Johnson Cut Auto 16/19

[Image: Scan0001.jpg]
Sorry Guys accidentally put this in Basketball.
not a baseball card fan, but am a baseball fan... cool card, wish they would put his picture on the card, not just a cut auto & some background art...

it was a rdemption? I see the panini sticker at the top of the holder...
What are you looking for? Check my organize,and see if you like anything I have for the cut auto.
Actually it was out of a box just the way it looks right now. Was kinda excited when I saw it because I knew who he was. my LCS gave me the box as a present which I thought was awesome. Was hoping for the Elvis/Michael Jackson or Babe Ruth but I cannot complain the guy was the first black manager in the majors and batted a lifetime .350
nice card
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