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I broke a couple of boxes of 2011 UD S2 and a box of Rookie Anthology for Black Friday. Also made some trades and got some mail in. All in my org and ready for trade. Again, thanks for looking!


Spezza Luxury Suite Jersey/Stick
Rookie Rivalry Rinaldo/Vitale
Crown Royale Rookie Royalty auto Stefan Elliot
Limited Phenoms auto /299 Harry Zolnierczyk
Rookie Treasures /499 Raphael Diaz
[Image: img279.jpg]

Upper Deck

Bill Sweat
Jimmy Hayes
Riley Nash
Stefan Elliot
Mattias Ekholm
Simon Depres
David McIntyre
Cody Eakin
Carl Sneep
Zac Rinaldo
Eddie Lack

Brayden Schenn
Jacob Markstrom
Ryan Kesler

UD Exclusives /100 Bobby Ryan
UD GU Jersey Jason Spezza
YG Canvas David Rundbland
Rookie Materials Louis Leblanc
Rookie Materials Lennart Petrell
Rookie Breakouts /100 Brett Connolly
UD Canvas Wayne Gretzky!
[Image: img280.jpg]

And Pick-Ups:
Sean Couturier YG
2010 Crown Royale Heir to the Throne John Quick
2012 Superlative GU Jersey /30 Ovechkin
2012 Superlative Famous Fabrics First Win /9 Vanbiesbrouck
2012 Superlative Patch /19 Chelios
2007 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Auto Silver 15/30 Johnny Bower
[Image: img281.jpg]
[Image: img282.jpg]
Nice connolly
Nice spezza & chelios... that beezer card is pretty interesting... I wish ITG would just photoshop logos out of cards though like UD did that one year. their product would be SOOO much better and i UD could do that in the 90's, ITG should be able to easliy do it in the 2010's... Great all around stuff
Nice stuff, sent open offer..
Nice pick ups!!
great pick ups and sweet breaks

you did well on UD
Thanks guys. I like most of what ITG puts out, but they whiffed on some of the designs in Superlative. I would rather see a vintage shot of the Beezer that that cut out they have.
Very nice hits and some SICK trades! Congrats on the brilliant pick-ups, Todd! Interested in the Bower... trade incoming!

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