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12/30 - Last packages should be going out Monday. There are postal delays but no cause for serious concern...yet. Thanks for your patience!
12/19 - Presents are already rolling in (yikes!) as you can see from the Secret Santa Showoff Thread II (link).
12/9 - Santas, check your inboxes. Btw, is it me or is Beckett so slow to load, it's almost impossible to use? Anywho, check'em if you can.
12/8 - PMs are being sent to all participants.
12/7 - Barring objection, I'm making December 31 the new shipping deadline to give us more time to find something nice for the holidays.
12/5 - Know someone who deserves a gift?...Well sign her up! Spot a trader needing an endorsement?...Then put in a good word for him!
12/4 - We're halfway there to last year's 25 Santas. Odds we top that on shorter notice, later in the game, with lower site traffic?

  • Subject to my discretion, participation is limited to those who have EITHER:
    .....a) 20+ positive feedback; OR,
    .....b) an endorsement by a qualifying, respected member.
  • Register your mailing address by Friday, December 7 via PM.
  • Send me a wishlist of 5 of your fa-vo-rite things.
  • I'll PM everyone the necessary info from the lottery.
  • Let's keep the combined CASH value (not BV!) of 1 to 3 cards between $25 and $35.
  • Ship by Monday, December 31, but the earlier the better.
  • Show off what you got in the Secret Santa Showoff Thread II (link)

Address Registered
1) ricebondsmntna2young - 07-08 OPC Quad Materials & Micromotion Black RC /100 parallels; Larionov AU; Team Canada Sharks; Couture RC
2) pens fan addict - Maxime Talbot & Joe Vitale (needs in the bucket); Simon Despres; Sidney Crosby; Paul Laus (needs in the bucket)
3) bguzowski16 - 11-12 or 12-13 Brett Hull GU/AUs; Tyler Seguin & Chris Kreider YGs; Steve Yzerman & Nicklas Lidstrom GU/AUs
4) mq13 - ITG Org Wants; Shanahan; Hasek; Red Wings & Flyers AU/GU
5) phildo37 - After-05-06 AUs of: Red Wings, Finnish-born players, Lecavalier, Hartnell and Zubrus
6) dark crawler88 - Eric Staal, Rick Nash, Claude Giroux, Mike Richards, Jordan Eberle
7) gmccarth - Nicklas Backstrom; Dany Heatley; Jason Spezza; Johan Franzen; Red Wings
8) Optimus_Prime - Rheaume GU/AU; Brandon Nolan SP; 2012 Essential Elvis Mem/AU; 09-10 Champs mini/Yellow Animal Icon; Pens GU/AUs
9) titan501ca - 07-08 SPGU Letter Marks; Stamkos & Seguin AUs; Tretiak AUs (no BAP); HOF AUs
10) rczubaty - Nugent-Hopkins (Wants in ORG); 11-12 Certified Edmonton Oilers; 11-12 Limited Ruby/Gold parallels from my 'set needs' list
11) rayeates - Jaroslav Halak (Wants in ORG); Vintage RCs; 11-12 Jaromir Jagr Scratching The Surface; ORG wants
12) alstott9adams - Steven Stamkos; Brett Connolly; J.T. Brown; Victor Hedman; Martin St. Louis
13) apisano - Any Org needs, especially: 11-12 Penguins rookies, Brandon Saad rookies, Penguins rookies (any year), and 11-12 Young Guns
14) swjrp10 - Any hockey auto/patches (especially Red Wings); 11-12 YGs not listed in the ORG; Mark Messier; Hockey trade bait
15) bruinsfan08 - GU/AUs of: Cam Neely, Alex Ovechkin, Jim Craig (Bruins or USA), Vladislav Tretiak (USSR), or Tom Barasso (Pens)
16) jowlsisacanucksfan - Any Canucks in my updated Organize wantlist
17) wickabee - Trevor Linden & Barry Brust patches; Justin Schultz & Danny Watkins anything; OPC Premier Canucks GU/AUs

Pending Address or Endorsement
mrdub* (+4/-0 feedback) -
ReimerFan* (+10/-0 feedback) -

*Endorse Me!
rayeates-Jaroslav Halak (Needs are marked in Org. Tongue); Vintage RC's; 2011-12 Scratching The Surface-Jaromir Jagr (Only one I need)
Big Grin
Oh... you missed phildo37 from the other thread, too! Thanks a load, Al!

I would like to get in on this again this year.

Likes ; 2007-08 SPGU Letter Marks, Stamkos & Seguin Autos, Tretiak Auto (no BAP), HOF Autos

I sent in an PM...I feel discriminated against.........

Do I too need an endorsement? I wish I knew someone on these boards that may be willing to possibly endorse me for this special event......
(12-03-2012 04:37 PM)pens fan addict Wrote: [ -> ]I sent in an PM...I feel discriminated against.........

Do I too need an endorsement? I wish I knew someone on these boards that may be willing to possibly endorse me for this special event.....

I guess you must not've gotten the memo bout no Pens fans allowed then.

(Lol, oops...fixed.)
submitted my info... this should be fun

I would've put 90's inserts/parallels on my wishlist... but... so tough to find people that have cards I need. Whoever gets me.. if you have 90's stuff, I can send a wantlist.. and maybe use a go-between (e-mails through Al or Randi - sorry to volunteer you guys) so I don't know who has me
Id help you as well phil......

If you get me phil you can just send me one of those worthless pens gamers you have!!! Lol!
Count me in, please, and thanks for taking this on! My favorite things mostly have something to do with Nicklas Backstrom, Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, Johan Franzen, or anything Red Wing.
Happy holidays!
ITG Org Wants, Shanahan, Hasek, Red Wings & Flyers Autos/GU'd
I am in again this year.

Looking for Eric Staal, Rick Nash, Claude Giroux, Mike Richards, Jordan Eberle
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