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I have just added 1800 hockey traders in my organizer. Im ready to deal. All of my PC wants are in my organizer and ready to be had. I am trying to finish this first in order
1. 2011-12 rookies this is all i need to finish the whole season
2011-12 Dominion #197 Brian Strait
2011-12 Dominion #172 Joe Vitale
2011-12 Dominion #171 Robert Bortuzzo
2011-12 Dominion #170 Simon Despres
2011-12 Dominion #185 Brandon Saad
2011-12 The Cup #153 Joe Vitale
2011-12 The Cup #132 Brandon Saad
2011-12 Panini Prime #107 Brandon Saad
2011-12 Crown Royale #228 Simon Despres
2011-12 Crown Royale #172 Brandon Saad
2011-12 Panini Titanium #149 Brandon Saad
2011-12 Luxury Suite #44 Brandon Saad

2.) 2011-12 Upper Deck Young Guns
All listed in my organizer

3.)2012-13 Upper Deck Base and Young Guns
Also Listed in my organizer.

I will listen to any offers so let me know. I dont have a ton of high end but i have alot of good cards. Thanks and have a good one.
I forgot to mention i broke open 2 boxes of 2012-13 Upper Deck series 1 and have listed all of my inserts. I dont collect any so they are all available for trade.
Offer sent.
offer sent
Made some trades, didnt pick up any 2011-12 Penguins i need. Need Vitale Cup and all of the Dominion Penguins. If you have some lets make a deal Smile
Will take a look!
sent an offer
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