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I figured why not lol was disappointed the LCS didnt have any Crown or Absolute from last season so I chose chrome. I got almost as much color from my blaster as I did this box lol

Daniel Thomas camo 164/499
[Image: DanielThomasCamoChrome.jpg]

Harnish 127/399
[Image: ChandlerHarnishPinkChrome.jpg]

Adrian Peterson 135/216
[Image: AdrianpetersonRefractor.jpg]

George Iloka Sepia 89/99
[Image: GeorgeIlokaChromeSepia.jpg]

RG3 84 version
[Image: RGIII84Version.jpg]

Tannehill and Luck 57 Version
[Image: RyanTannehill57version.jpg][Image: AndrewLuck57version.jpg]

My auto, woohoo a redemption lol
[Image: DreKirkpatrickChromeRedemption.jpg]
ill give you something for the Thomas Camo who you collect?
(12-02-2012 09:25 PM)wacoTx Wrote: [ -> ]ill give you something for the Thomas Camo who you collect?

Ive actually already traded the Thomas. Sorry.
(12-02-2012 11:25 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]Ouch...

Yea lol i'm not to good at picking packs or boxes I guess.
I have done two boxes of chrome myself and two redemptions.... If you are interested in trading the Kirkpatrick lmk. Also pm sent.
Man that's rough, I have a box of Chrome incoming, hope its a bit better lol
Sorry Jdet, that was painful!
Ouch! Well atleast you'll get a pack of special refractors if you redeem it lol
i could use the AP
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