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Full Version: what im looking for
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im looking for donruss elite #ed rookies like asitates ect and torrey smith and alfred morris and any other higher end football

i have to trade a aj green prestige rookie auto /99
a greg jennings jersey auto /300 from bowman sterling
a mjd jersey auto /5 from rookies and stars
another mjd jersey auto /50 from absolute memorabilia
a devier posey patch auto from finest 2 color
and money lol
Ive got some elite check me out
You literally have nothing listed for trade
(12-02-2012 08:38 PM)daytonator Wrote: [ -> ]You literally have nothing listed for trade

i no i just started but i have done alot of trades over on youtube so i mean i post links to my ft fs videos but within the next few days ill show what i have but to name a few i have a aj green prestige rookie auto/99 a mjd jersey auto /5 another mjd jersey auto/5 greg jennings jersey auto/300 an andy dalton patch auto /299
Check me for the aj green and dalton plz
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