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Here's what you should do. List your best pull you ever got, if possible a photo/scan, and if you have a story to go with it post that too. Smile
[Image: IMG_0967.jpg]

Best pull is the Geronimo 1/1 DNA card from 2011 Allen & Ginter. I was at a card show in Arlington, TX with my grandfather and decided to get a box. I talked the guy down from $90 to $75. I couldn't wait to get home to open it and I opened it in the car. When I saw it I went nuts and my grandpa just looked at me and said "I guess you pulled something good." Best. Pull. Ever.
Pulled this out of a jumbo box of 2012 Topps series 1 I picked up for my birthday. It was a redemption and they sent me #1/50. It was the quickest redemption I ever received back, took a little less than 3 weeks. [Image: photobucket-4510-1331596606496.jpg]
My best pull ever, 2005 Leaf Century - Cal Ripkin Jr Autograph, Prime Material Blue Velvet Pants with stamp above auto - 1/1
[Image: ScannedImages2068.jpg]
[Image: ScannedImages2069.jpg]
Last may, as 2012 Bowman was set to be released, my LCS had one sole hobby box of 2011 Bowman Paper Hobby in their bargain bin for $70, so I pulled the trigger on my way home from work one afternoon....the chrome auto? Brian Fletcher!!!!(not the pull)...then the second to last pack yeilded this was fun...[Image: harperorange1.jpg].....[Image: harperorange2.jpg]
2009 Topps Heritage High NUmber.
[Image: ebay072.jpg]

2011 Bowman Chrome SUPER... Sold it when I needed cash. Sold way to low!!!
[Image: 2023.jpg]
Here is my story. Back in 2004 and I don't have a scan of the card but I pulled a 1/1 Jackie Robinson cut autograph / jacket card.

I used that card plus a bunch of other cards and traded for this card:

[Image: 2-3-11056.jpg]

Then fast forward to around 2010 and I saw a card on eBay that I wanted. I contacted the seller to see if he would be interested in a trade.

Did we ever work a deal! I got the original card I wanted in a deal but we did an even bigger trade:

I traded the 2004 Babe Ruth auto straight up of this 1/1 quad auto:


[Image: MurdersRowQuadCut001.jpg]


[Image: MurdersRowQuadCut.jpg]

So my pulling the Jackie Robinson lead in a round about way to the quad auto.
Wow!!! Love all the pulls. Especially the Ruth

I'm still waiting on my first big pull lol
Pulled these 2 back in 09' from Sweet Spot. I was opening packs at red lights when I hit the Griffey. Was so excited I did not hear the horns honking at me when the light turned green. The Jeter I hit at the LCS and the owner still has a polaroid of me, among others, on his wall of amazing hits Smile The Griffey I sold not to long ago to support my Jeter collection and of course I still have the Jeter Glove Auto.

I miss Sweet Spot Sad

[Image: 2009SweetSpotBatBarrelsKGKenGriffeyJr-1.jpg]

[Image: 2009SweetSpotSignaturesBlackGloveLeather...r-30-1.jpg]
(12-03-2012 09:33 AM)stera8 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow!!! Love all the pulls. Especially the Ruth

I'm still waiting on my first big pull lol

I think the Yankee Quad auto was originally pulled by a Beckett board member who may have sold it to the guy that I traded my cards to get the quad in return.

If you are interested here are the cards I got in return on my other trades with the guy:

[Image: forsale-trade003.jpg]

[Image: JimThorpe-JimBrown.jpg]

I also got this but sold it when I got too good an offer to turn down:

[Image: JimmyFoxx-1.jpg]
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