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Well, if you're talking bang for the buck, I pulled this out of the last blaster of Bowman Chrome last year from my local Target ... it's actually the reason I joined this site!

[Image: Harper1.jpg]

Refractor, #341/500 ... I saved the box, wrapper, everything LOL ... Cool thread, thanks!
(12-03-2012 07:27 PM)JMarchand1981 Wrote: [ -> ]My best pull ever and the story to go along with it? Anyone who remembers 2011 Allen and ginter may be able to attest to his. On the box Ryan Howard was a noted signer in the framed autos set. For one reason or another he never signed even though his auto was on the box. He was replaced by a redemption of this man.

[Image: IMG_zpsbc65d473.jpg]

My 1a pull ever was just last week. I know it is basketball but the card is worthy of noting. It is 6/8.

[Image: 2012-13PrizmKobeBryant.jpg]


Great Kobe for sure!
I'm jealous of all these pulls. I've never pulled anything over $30 BV so i have nothing to brag about just wanted to say thanks to all of you for sharing.
Here is mine...not quite as nice as some of these but still sweet. It was back in 2005 when Prime Cuts came out and it was $185 per pack. I decided to treat myself to an early christmas gift so I bought a pack. They were packaged like a cigar box and when I flipped open the box the first thing I saw was the Willie Mays sitting there looking pretty. And a pack of cards was underneath it. There was also a Wade Boggs 1/1 relic that was in the pack that I traded to the kid working in the card store.
[Image: dec6009.jpg]
[Image: dec6012.jpg]
And honorable mentions are.....
[Image: dec7001.jpg]
[Image: dec6013.jpg]
My best pull since I've been back was a 2012 A&G Brandon Phillips rip card. Of course I traded it before I bought a scanner. Here's a pic of what I traded it for though.

[Image: KempUDJSJMK-page-001.jpg]
Back in 2001 I pulled this from a single pack and promptly sold it for something like 400 bucks.

[Image: Bonds.jpg]

Pulled this early this year and got about 600 in trade for it from a guy at the card shop. Glad I let it go when I did.

[Image: 6d3072a6.jpg]
Not my best card, but my favorite one - got it out of 2006 Allen & Ginter. I've always been interested in history and especially the presidents so I was happy to get it.

This is probably my best card. This was out of a box of 2009 Bowman Draft. There were actually two autos in one pack. The first one was a Chad James. The second one was this:
trout 01
Wow those are all nice. I gots nothing. Thanks for sharing.
Top 2 pulls are:

[Image: mccutchensuper.jpg][Image: mccutchensuperback.jpg]


[Image: Scan_Pic0073.jpg]
I'll post scans later, but top three probably have to be, in no particular order:
2012 Elite Status Auto graph Cam Newton #/10
2011 Topps Marquee Titanic Threads Jumbo Relic Joe DiMaggio
2009 Topps 206 Relics Bat Babe Ruth.
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