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Always willing to trade, but looking to sell first. For you set collector's, commons are marked at 10% BV. Free shipping on $20+, $3 for anything smaller. Even the low prices I have right now are negotiable.

If you are only looking to trade, I am only looking for the following players:
1. Verlander
2. Hamilton
3. Porcello
4. Harper
5. Scherzer
6. Any RC/autos that catch my eye of stars

Send an offer and let me know if you want to buy or trade.

Entire collections for sale:
Jeter: $663 BV----------FS:$150 shipped (193 cards)
Bonds: $152 BV--------FS: $25 shipped (77 cards)
Clemens: $184.75 BV------FS:$30 shipped (116 cards)
V. Guerrero: $133 BV------FS: $20 shipped (121 cards)
Maddux: $132 BV----------FS: $25 shipped (122 cards)
P. Martinez: $79 BV--------FS: $15 shipped (112 cards)
McGwire: $346 BV---------FS: $75 shipped (145 cards)
Piazza: $257 BV-----------FS: $50 shipped (152 cards)
Sosa: $170 BV-------------FS: $35 shipped (150 cards)
Just sent an offer... sort of.
Open offer sent. Thanks.
Any more out there? The money is going towards and oddball request I had earlier. I am looking to collect Verlanders win stubs for his career..
Anyone else looking for some CHEAP cards or have any of the guys guys I collect?
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