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Is it just me or is the site running much faster than normal today? Usually it takes a minute or so for each page to load, but today it is instantaneous. Was there a change to the server or something? Has anyone else noticed this?
It's fast for me too! Wahoo!!
This happens to me occasionally - usually at slow times during the day. My guess is its running faster because of the games and no one is hardly here lol. give it a few hours and it will slow back down Big Grin
It was running REALLY slow last night, things appear to have picked up quite a bit. Lets hope we didn't jinx it.
It takes forever to load everyday for me, but it is noticeably faster today
Hopefully it stays this way going forward, so much better than before!
Usually it is slow and that is an understatement, I notice at night sometimes not always it will get better and right now it's not horrible, but I disagree with it being good.
i noticed it too, but being on dial-up for so long its all fast to me. LOL
It's really cooking today...wish it were always this way
Working pretty well for me, knock on wood. I wanted to rip my hair out yesterday though. Took forever to open up threads.
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