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Thx for looking. Could not resist the price for the box at the LCS, plus it has been 16 years since I opened some Black Diamond. All is for trade, just send me an open offer.

Bonus Pack: Wiercioch RC #ed 1502/1999
[Image: 2011-12blackdiamond004.jpg]

I got 6 Doubles, 6 Triples and 2 Quads, all are in my org.

Rookie Trips
[Image: 2011-12blackdiamond001.jpg]
[Image: 2011-12blackdiamond002.jpg]
BD Ruby
Quick #ed 79/100 Zetterberg #ed 85/100
[Image: 2011-12blackdiamond003.jpg]

3 Hits, 3 Boston Bruins:
Chara & Thomas Dual Jsy
[Image: 2011-12blackdiamond005.jpg]
Love the look of this set, 1:126 packs:
Michael Ryder
[Image: 2011-12blackdiamond006.jpg]
sick ring card!
The Zetterberg is gone.
Any of those Bruins cards ft?
(12-03-2012 05:26 AM)photowiz1 Wrote: [ -> ]Any of those Bruins cards ft?

Yes, they all for trade.
Very nice break indeed! Congrats!

sweet Ring card congrats on your hits
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