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Open offers work best, looking for Jeters I need and set needs as usual. All my wants are marked as such.

Thanks for the look.

[Image: Weaver03retiredauto.jpg]
[Image: Valverdetierone399.jpg]
[Image: troutgreenmini.jpg]
[Image: TinoBorderlessmystref.jpg]
[Image: MorsegatoradeSP.jpg]
[Image: mauerfiskmccanntriplejsy.jpg]
[Image: jetergoldmini.jpg]
[Image: jeterdupesFT.jpg]
[Image: fiskcognac.jpg]
[Image: feliperiverogold50.jpg]

[Image: Cozartbaseauto12chrome.jpg]
[Image: BraunJsy.jpg]
[Image: 2011canoxfrac.jpg]
[Image: VottoRCauto.jpg]
[Image: mantlegold.jpg]
[Image: howardgreen.jpg]
[Image: hosmerbleu.jpg]
[Image: Francogreen.jpg]
[Image: canojeterarodtriplejsy.jpg]
[Image: arodTRjsy.jpg]

[Image: arodfinestblue.jpg]
[Image: arodbat.jpg]
[Image: arod06flshbkref.jpg]
[Image: dudablueref199.jpg]
[Image: victorinoblack100.jpg]
[Image: dunnblue199.jpg]
[Image: hutchisonchromeau.jpg]
[Image: devinblack100.jpg]
[Image: cliffleediecut.jpg]
[Image: PomeranzfinestxfracRC.jpg]

[Image: heritagebuybacks.jpg]
[Image: heritagebuybacksbraves.jpg]
[Image: heritagebuyback2.jpg]
[Image: Gordonpurple.jpg]
[Image: felixfinestref.jpg]
[Image: castrofinestref.jpg]
[Image: DSCN3473.jpg]
[Image: princeref.jpg]
[Image: DiceKadbkSP.jpg]
[Image: BeltGoldUPD11.jpg]

[Image: SanchezBBau.jpg]
[Image: DeAzaBBau.jpg]
[Image: billhallBBau.jpg]
[Image: Ohlendorf2008RCauto.jpg]
[Image: Johnmarkowensbraves50.jpg]
[Image: JayAustinprodebuttoppssu.jpg]
[Image: GreisingerUSAauto.jpg]
[Image: BrandonHicksREFau2010.jpg]
[Image: UtleyJsy.jpg]
[Image: DmitriYoung08ginterbat.jpg]

[Image: landreauxau.jpg]
[Image: josephmusgroveauto.jpg]
[Image: EYoungJrRCau.jpg]
[Image: delgadoquadrelic.jpg]
Check me for the jeter patch and trout, thanks
I could use weaver
Check me for the Trout and Zach Cozart auto.
(12-01-2012 05:17 PM)ryanmo5 Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the jeter patch and trout, thanks

Trout was the first thing gone man sorry. Didnt see any Jeters or anything else I could use for the triple either.
dontpray and mweber, not seeing anything I am needing or would like to have, sorry.
Would be interested in the Votto and Weavrer auto please.
(12-02-2012 12:35 AM)greekgoony Wrote: [ -> ]Would be interested in the Votto and Weavrer auto please.

Both are in pending deals right now, Ill let you know if they dont go through. Thanks for the look
Jeter/Cano/Arod available again, couldnt come up with a deal with the other trader.
Open offer sent
Didnt find anything I wanted last week, lets try again. Thanks
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