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By Susan Lulgjuraj | Beckett Hockey Editor

Some collectors realized many of Anaheim Ducks Devante Smith-Pelly’s recent autograph cards were stamped and not actually signed by the player.

The NHL Players Association learned of the mistake and is working with Smith-Pelly, Upper Deck and Panini to fix the issue.

“It turns out he did stamp the cards, it affects five products,” said Adam Larry, director of licensing for the NHLPA. “It was just an error in judgment. There wasn’t any bad intention on his behalf.”

The five products in this scenario are Upper Deck’s SP Authentic, Ultimate and The Cup, and Panini’s Contenders and Prime, according to Larry.

However, the Smith-Pelly cards were all redemptions in Panini’s products, and only a handful of stamped cards were released in Panini’s Contenders and none in Prime, according to a Panini representative.

Collectors who have any of these are directed to contact the customer service departments for the respective card companies.

“This is not something we’re aware of happening in other circumstances,” Larry said. “When the rumor came to service, we looked into it. We will work with Upper Deck and Panini to rectify the situation as best we could.”

Some collectors noticed a difference in his autographs on the stamped versions with different pressure marks, but the amazing consistency on all his on-card autographs. With rumors floating around, the NHLPA took notice and investigated the situation.

Smith-Pelly played in 49 games as a rookie last season for the Ducks. The right winger had seven goals and six assists.

He also served as assistant captain on Team Canada in the 2012 World Junior Championships. Anaheim drafted him in the second round in 2010.
Wonderful, as a Duck fan, and someone who has looked into getting some Smith-Pelly cards, this just turned me off! Wonder how much of a hit his popularity will take with this... Never screw around with fans who put money into a hobby
I thought all autographs were done in presence of a company representative?
^^ I think they just send you a buncha cards, the player signs them and sends them back. Thus the "waiting for card to be built" message you get when redeeming cards. They are waiting on the player to send the cards back to them.

Pretty bogus move on his part tho.
It is unfortunate a professional athelete would not be "honoured" to autograph for the fans; especially a rookie who has done zero at this point in his career. BRUTAL.
(12-02-2012 03:08 PM)stadium sports cards Wrote: [ -> ]It is unfortunate a professional athelete would not be "honoured" to autograph for the fans; especially a rookie who has done zero at this point in his career. BRUTAL.

along these lines as well...ROOKIES NEED STAMPS?!?!?!?
I agree with stadium sports cards!!!!
and i just submitted for his contenders redemption over the weekend lmao fail
It makes me wonder -- what would take longer, Smith-Pelly actually signing the cards or rubber stamping them? His autograph leaves a lot to be desired.
just sad
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