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I should have quit on the first two boxes I bought, but didn't. LCS had 7 Black Friday packs left, so he tossed them my way. Most will hit the bay on Sunday. If you want something shoot me a PM (but, only selling). Here is the link to all today's breakage:

2012 Prime Sigs & Black Friday Packs

Earl Campbell 19/49 & Jerry Rice 39/49

[Image: scan0153.jpg]

Case Keenum 133/199 & Mychal Kendricks 002/199

[Image: scan0151.jpg]

Brandon LaFell 06/49 & Jeremy Maclin 08/20

[Image: scan0152.jpg]

Lamar Miller 048/199 & Doug Martin 49/49

[Image: scan0150.jpg]

RGIII 343/599, Bryce Harper 201/599, Brett Lawrie 419/599

[Image: scan0160.jpg]

Kevin Durant Make Ready Holofoil Magenta /5

[Image: scan0159.jpg]

Kevin Love Hardcore Heroes 4/5

[Image: scan0158.jpg]

Almost forgot the hit from our GB:

2007 Absolute Larry Fitzgerald Tools of the Trade Dual Jersey Autograph 5/5

[Image: scan0138.jpg]
Wow, love the Fitz and the Maclin! Nice cards but too bad about not getting anything REALLY AWESOME!
I drool on the TOTT Fitzgerald card! Big Grin
Sweet Fitz, bud!
Great job on the Fitz! That Doug Martin will get you something nice, he sells well!
Could use all three black Friday numbered rc's......have any of the black Friday base left or got rid of those?
Nice doug martin
Very Interested in the Doug Martin AU, what value do you need in return? anything specific?
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