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Full Version: Large sale: 90% off
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I tried this a couple of weeks ago and it worked well as I sold a bunch of cards. Now I have all of those shipped and am ready to roll again.

I am selling
-base cards (non-vintage, non-RCs, non-SPs) for 10% of book value;
-SPs and RCs are 15% of BV;
-vintage (pre-1980) is on a case-by-case basis depending on recent sales (will go 15% less than the average of those sales);
-GUd are 20% of BV;
- autos are 25% of BV.

So that's 75% off of BV for the most expensive and 90% off of BV for the cheapest.

That's not certain items. That's everything in my ORG. So start a trade and send it over and we'll go from there. If something isn't showing up, let me know. Thanks again.
What you got? U have a bucket?
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