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So I broke open a box of Triple Threads. I've been avoiding it like the plague for a few years and I decided it was time. One box and hit a 1/1. Not the player I had hoped for but can you really complain when you only open one box? Anyway, here's the good stuff:

[Image: 2012-11-29160403.jpg]

[Image: 2012-11-29160324.jpg]

[Image: 2012-11-29160304l.jpg]

Not too shabby!
Really nice. Love the Ortiz Patch. It looks awesome.
I'm glad I finally bought a box. They really are sweet!
i cant read the plate, who is the red sox player? great box!
Sweet Box! Alot better than my first Baseball Triple threads i opened recently... Is the 1/1, Ryan Lavarnaway?
looks like a good box to me!
(11-29-2012 06:05 PM)elfeo013 Wrote: [ -> ]i cant read the plate, who is the red sox player? great box!

It looks like Ryan Lavarnway to me. Not a bad box. AL East heavy.
Love the allstar patch! Nice box
It is Lavarnway. He actually signed right off the card with his y and then continued to swoop it back on the card. The other relic card not pictured was a Tulo jersey #ed to 9.
Nice! Another low number in the Tulo!
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