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Full Version: Once in the Hall
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Once in the Hall of Fame...doest that person's cards usually rise in value. I ask because I just bought about 12 packs of spx from 1992 on ebay for $10...and in it I had a dual game worn uniform card with AROD and Jeff Bagwell....and as much as I hate AROD...I think Bagwell deserves a spot in the hall for sure. Just wondering if I should hang on to this card if the value is going to rise...or dump it off.
This isn't generally as true as you would think. Guys tend to have a small boost in sales when they near HOF induction or when they are actually enshrined. However, the book generally doesn't reflect that because the boost in sales in temporary. I actually think to an extent it is just the opposite. Once a guy retires his cards tend to fall off a bit. I think that collectors like the NOW. They like to chase cards of guys who they can watch. I do think that a HOFer or any former star (legend) grained value after his/her death. This is largely noticed in autographs. This of course being because the person will be no longer signing.

Just my opinion!
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