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Was delayed a few days posting these cause the scan option on my printer isnt responding. I figured out a backwards (and annoying) way of getting into a program and then scanning them which takes a lot longer then it did before of just turining on the printer and hitting the scan button, but here they are in order of least to best:

#6 Jeff Carter Base
[Image: CupCarter.jpg]

#5 Kevin Marshall Auto /199
[Image: CupMarshall.jpg]

#4 Bobby Clarke auto Enshrinements /50
[Image: CupClarke.jpg]

#3 Voynov Rookie Auto Patch /249 (Stunning looking eh? haha)
[Image: CupVoynov.jpg]

And the top 2....

#2 Stephane Da Costa Rookie Auto Tag /5
[Image: CupDaCosta.jpg]

Andddddddd finally

#1 Dale Hawerchuk BLACK 1/1 -- 2nd 1/1 ever pulled for me
[Image: CupHawerchuk.jpg]

Thanks for looking
And GOOD LORD!! After looking at the post, that backwards way I have to scan stuff now sure makes the cards A LOT bigger then I wanted them to be haha... and damn, you can see every single toploader smudge now... I really have to fix this asap
Awesome stuff! Gotta be happy when you get a canada flag tag! Love those, and a 1/1 you did really well.
Good looking stuff!! Congrats
What a tin
(11-28-2012 02:04 AM)irbecards32 Wrote: [ -> ]#1 Dale Hawerchuk BLACK 1/1 -- 2nd 1/1 ever pulled for me

Wow, that's a great box. If you're looking to move Hawerchuk, gomaz (Jeremy) owner of Hobby Insider would no doubt be interested...
Someone offered me $140 for the Hawerchuk so I waited a day and the only other offer I recieved was $100, so i sold it for $140... I just wanted to move it fast.
Those Canadian flag laundry tags are incredible cards!!!
congrats on the hits

i know a few folks who would have gave you good trade bait for the Dale card
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