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Full Version: 1 box 11-12 titanium
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Picked up a box of Titanium and a few packs of 10-11 Pinnacle. The Pinnacle yielded only base, which is probably expected, but one of the packs only had 6 cards instead of 10 which I though was an odd way to do a decoy pack.

Here are the Titanium hits.

[Image: Titanium11-12box.jpg]

I've been picking up singles instead of breaking stuff lately, but I really like this set and may have break some more soon.

Everything will be for trade once I get it listed in my org.
Very nice stuff, Bob! Loving that Robitaille and might have something that you need for it. Give me a shout!

Nice new wave auto
Not top shabby. Like the Robitaille
sweet Luc!!!
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