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Hey there Beckett community, I am actively finishing a few sets and will just use this thread for my set building needs. It will be updated whenever I get new stuff in or break boxes on my own. Thanks all!

I have a number of base and other half-decent cards in my organize to trade. Post, pm, or send me an offer!

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee

Base needed: a lot, I can check an Organize

Others wanted: Penguins retros/inserts/autos, Red Borders

2006-07 ITG Heroes and Prospects

Base needed: DONE

Others wanted: current Penguins auto and mem cards

2012-13 UD Series 1

Base needed: a lot, can check an organize.

Others wanted: Penguins autos/mem cards, Exclusives /100, Young Guns

2011-12 Pinnacle

Base needed: just a few

Others: RC's and inserts
I have some 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee in my organize and I will be adding 2012-13 UD series 1 base. Maybe we can work a trade.
Have lots of 12-13 OPC in my ORG, 12-13 UD will be added tonight
pm sent.
bump it up, would really like to finish artifacts base soon!
bump it up
Hey Jeff. I have the following that I can offer up... hopefully you need something.

2012-13 Artifacts #RED229-Wildcard Redemption (no pic)

[Image: 002.jpg][Image: HockeyCards013.jpg][Image: 001.jpg][Image: HockeyCards009.jpg][Image: HockeyCards009-1.jpg]

Let me know of you need anything and hopefully we an work out a deal.

sunday bump
i MUST have your 12-13 bqase needs OPC and UD
bump it up
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