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[Image: LRsGU1.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU2.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU3.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU4.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU5.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU6.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU7.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU8.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU9.jpg]
[Image: LRsGU10.jpg]
Hey man did you pull any Klay Thompson cards?
Very nice. Would like a shot at the Carl Landry if it's for trade.
i would be interested in the deron williams and dennis rodman if you were open to trading or selling
check me for the Rodman please
Dang, all those cards and no Bobcats... Pretty cool patches though!
Nice vinnie johnson
Nice break congrats, I am interested in the Bird is it FT?
Those are some crazy patches!!!! VERY interested in the Mourning patch, Haslem, and any of the Wades.

Congrats on the pulls!
VVery interested in the Bird JSY, anythning specific in return?
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