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Here are my hits from Totally Certified, opened 2 cases. Got a couple of redemptions, the best being a KD Auto. Think it's #d /25. Not sure what I wanna do with it just yet, looking to see if I'll be sending any to get graded.

[Image: LRsAuto1.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto2.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto3.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto4.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto5.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto6.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto7.jpg]
[Image: LRsAuto8.jpg]
PM me a price for the Waiters and Thompson.
Nice Breaks!! I'am interseted in the Noah and Teague autos if they are for trade. lmk Thanks Ethan
Sweet Auto's! Love the T-Rob and Selby being a KU fan Smile
Sweet Break!!!! Those look very nice!!! Interested in the Darius Morris...
I am interested in the Curry auto if it is FT.
Hey could you please check me for the Jan auto? Thanks!
loving the Rubio auto, shame it's a sticker
Wow thats a lot of autos!
Nice magic autos
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