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Hey guys! Just got back into town late last night. I have a TON of pm's, trade offers, messages, etc. to go through, so hopefully this will be seen first. I will try to respond individually as fast as possible!

To those that completed deals with me as I was leaving, or shortly thereafter - I will start pulling cards tonight and probably tomorrow, and everyone's cards should be on their way by Thursday at the latest.

To those that we were in the middle of trades and cancelled or gave up - My apologies, I left the country for three weeks! If anyone would like to start again, please resend at your convenience.

To those that proposed new trades while I was gone - Feel free to resend at your convenience, or if you did not cancel, please be patient. I have a lot to sort through and have to give priority to those who are waiting for their new cards!

And to ALL - Hopefully you had a great Thanksgiving, and plenty of mojo while I was gone!!! I will be in touch as quickly as I can! -Matt
Offer sent, welcome back!
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