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Full Version: The Im home mailday!
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Got my BGS submission back from Wendy and some random pickups from ebay and some trades.

[Image: Nov26945.jpg]
[Image: Nov26946.jpg]
[Image: Nov26947.jpg]
[Image: Nov26948.jpg]
[Image: Nov26949.jpg]

Thank you Wendy for the Chrome!!

[Image: Nov26950.jpg]
[Image: Nov26951.jpg]

My 1st Jordans in awhile lol

[Image: Nov26952.jpg]

Some randoms for friends. the Pink is for my set from Wendy lol

[Image: Nov26954.jpg]

And now my Mannings Big Grin

[Image: Nov26955.jpg]
[Image: Nov26956.jpg]
[Image: Nov26957.jpg]
[Image: Nov26958.jpg]

I overpayed a tiny bit for this one but I know I can get the bump to 9.5 making it well worth it Big Grin

[Image: Nov26959.jpg]
Great cards D!!! Awesome grades to boot Smile
You're killing it on the Mannings. Nice! The pink is headed your way, btw!
Good Lord those are awesome cards. Congratulations on all the gold bricks. The multiplayer auto cards make me drool.
Thanks T! I was pretty happy with them Big Grin

Thanks Kel - And the SJax is on its way to you lol
Thanks Nine! The more of the multis I get the more I love. I have 2 more in I think. hope they come back with some gold too Big Grin
(11-27-2012 09:59 AM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Nine! The more of the multis I get the more I love. I have 2 more in I think. hope they come back with some gold too Big Grin

Sweet. Can't wait to see the new multies. Big Grin And let's definitely wish for some gold. Wink
Opps I lied. I only have 1 in Sad Should have the grades by Wednesday Big Grin
I knew I would be happy clicking on this! Magic Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin lol Very nice grades and additions doc!
Question on the Mannings you had graded. Do you send them in just to be slabbed or some you think might grade well? Just curious as I have a Jordan Scoring Kings im on the fence about because I know the holofoil surface chips so it wont be a high grade.
Thanks JD! As for grading I go a little from column A and a little from Column B meaning I'm overall looking for slabs but limit my sending in of the ones I hope will grade better. Eventually they will all be slabbed (Rookies and Autos) Game used slooowwllyy and no base cards unless they are rarer lol
Awesome stuff as usual Doc, the Peyton PC is blowing up. I have a little picture for ya I think you might like, and you may want to print it and get it auto'd.

[Image: 6789492-590x406.jpg]
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