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Hey everyone, I know for fact that at least two people have received Secret Santa already and not one person has posted. If you have received your gift please post it here. Thanks!
Keep this at the top! Cant wait for my guy to get his Smile.

Happy Holidays all.
Four have sent and I am going to this week. Two have received though and posted nothing which is quite annoying. Please post when the cards arrive guys. It's common courtesy.
is it too late to join?....any spot open or do you need a backup spot ?
I will be sending mine part this weekend. I can't wait to see everyones cards... Smile.. By there way.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!
Got mine and just opened it up today.. Was very thankful for it as I did not have it yet and it was a great gift thank you to whoever my secret Santa was I truly appreciate it..

[Image: 001-1.jpg]
(11-28-2012 02:36 AM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]is it too late to join?....any spot open or do you need a backup spot ?

Sorry the Santa thread was open for a month and not many seemed to wanna join this year. Its closed now.
Santa stopped by my mailbox yesterday.

[Image: ssgift.jpg]

Only 277 more cards to go to complete my set!

Thanks stranger on Beckett
Anyone else this weekend?
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