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$1.64 for shipping unless you spend $20+


$25 Blackmon Quad patch /15
[Image: img207.jpg]

[Image: Scan_Pic0009.jpg]

$5 LaMichael Auto
$15 Kaepernick/Hunter Patch /50
$15 Kaepernick Patch /50
$30 Hunter Platinum #32/75 JERSEY # 1/1
$12 Hunter NT /49

[Image: Scan_Pic0007.jpg]

$15-Alshon Inscription Black
$13-David Wilson Red
$25-Ronnie Hillman Red
$35-Foles Patch #9/10 JERSEY #
$45-Foles Inscription Red /25

(If you buy a Foles you get one of the chromes free)

$25-Chrome Lot
[Image: Scan_Pic0010.jpg]

$16 Joe Adams Lot
Patch is #1/99 ebay 1/1 MOJO
[Image: asdfasdfadfs.jpg]
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