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So as you all know by now, I have a wild dream of one day (20+ years from now) opening up a museum in western Canada entirely dedicated to the history of NHL goaltending. My goal is to own at least one piece of significant game-used memorabilia from every player to ever play at least one regular season minute in the NHL. Because of my standard, adding new stuff is pretty hard as I don't care about middle of the career set 2 stuff. Everything that I own has to matter...first game, last game, last season, first shutout, last shutout, first point, etc.

This Mika Noronen jersey was worn while he was a backup on the Vancouver Canucks team. And yes, there is always the one smart person who asks, it does have a COA from Meigray's NHL Game Worn program.

[Image: noronenfront.jpg]

[Image: noronenback.jpg]

It also has one pretty nice photomatch. Don't argue, with or without exhibiting wear, this is the exact jersey which is now in my collection:

As always, comments are welcome!

Also, a big thank you goes out to Phil for selling me this piece from his collection. I have been eyeing it for quite sometime, so I am happy to finally have it in my own collection!
Sweet pickup!!!! That's one of the best looking Canucks uniforms that I have seen. Congrats!!!!
(11-26-2012 09:19 PM)pens1fan Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet pickup!!!! That's one of the best looking Canucks uniforms that I have seen. Congrats!!!!

Thanks for the compliment. I would agree about the Canucks jersey. Never understood why they discontinued that whole style of jerseys in favour of that green and blue monstrosity that they have right now.
it finally made it! nice to know it's going somewhere where it will be appreciated as much, if not more, than it was in my collection

I've got plenty more goalie stuff for you.... ha ha... like Chris Osgood's only two Grand Rapids Griffins jerseys in existence
Loving it!!! Love to see game used of any canucks current or former player! Looks unreal, definitely a great addition to the collection! Can't wait to see the next
I blame you all for causing Americans like me (maybe just me) to think that canucks are species of orca native to Canadian waters. An Edmontonian ex-pat classmate finally set me straight.

That jersey's cool though, so I'll let it slide...
Nice, jerseys like this make me wonder why teams had to pick from a small number of templates when RBK first took over making jerseys for the NHL... a jersey like this proves that there wasnt limitations in styling. so why did teams like colorado ( V-style striping) & dallas (the star shaped striping)have to lose their cool designs for the stinkers they wear now... nice pickup tho... Your next target should be SJ goalie JAMIE RAMM! haha just cause I think his name is hilarious... THE RAMMER! lol
Awesome. The third Jersey (yes, that's a third) is really cool.

However, the orca is the worst logo the Canucks have ever had. Blue and green are:
A-Theit original colours and
B-True "West Coast" colours

Their best logo was the circled skate of the early 90s.
(11-27-2012 11:58 AM)wickabee Wrote: [ -> ]Their best logo was the circled skate of the early 90s.

That is sweet!
I think it's pretty cool that you want to open up a museum as well, that takes some cohonies.
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