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Full Version: Wings Traders
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FredBear here is what i have they are all added to org. Hey everyone else fred gets first shot at hese guys here. anything hes not interested in will be up for grabs.
[Image: WingsRCFT.jpg]
[Image: WingsGUFT1.jpg]
[Image: WingsGUAUFT1.jpg]
[Image: WingsbannersFT1.jpg]
UNLESS someone wants to do the entire lot for a NUGE, then Fred we might have to talk, ha ha
Offer sent for 1 card, in case it is still available.
I am interested in the Shanny Auto & the Lids Sweden Swatch. LMK if Fredbear does not need them.
I am interested in the Brenden Smith cup rookie.
I added some to our trade and added a comment. Let me know either by comment or PM what you're thinking. Thanks!
I need the Lidstrom Sweden lmk
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