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As many of you know, I am a chromie who regularly posts Bowman Chrome and Draft breaks on this board. You can see some other breaks here (along with the grades I assigned the breaks):

2008 Bowman Chrome, grade = C:

2008 Bowman Draft, grade = B-:

2008 Bowman Sterling, grade = C:

2009 Bowman Chrome, grade = C:

2009 Bowman Draft, grade = B:

2009 Bowman Sterling, grade = B-:

2010 Bowman Chrome, grade = D+:

2010 Bowman Platinum, grade = B:

2010 Bowman Sterling, grade = A:

2010 Bowman Draft, grade = C:

2011 Bowman Chrome, grade = C:

2011 Bowman Platinum, grade = D+:

2011 Bowman Sterling, grade = D:

2011 Bowman Draft, grade = C:

2012 Bowman Chrome, grade = B-:

2012 Bowman Platinum, grade = A+:

Fun reading for a rainy day, maybe. Anyway, you’ll see that some of the breaks are disappointing and some are really exciting. Partly the grade is a function of the product being better or worse than expected (see for example the last two Bowman Platinum breaks), and partly the grade reflects how lucky or unlucky I am with the big hits. On Wednesday I am scheduled to receive 10 cases of the 2012 Bowman Draft product from Blowout Cards, and hope to start busting that day.

I will be listing out all numbered cards and autos and will attempt to grade the break on a box by box basis. I invite you to stop by this thread, help me with the grading, and contribute to the discussion. I sleeve, clean, and sort as I go, so the breaks usually last 7-21 days, which gives a lot of different members an opportunity to stop by and comment while the break is still ongoing. The collective expertise of the Beckett community in these threads invariably makes me more knowledgeable about the product. Plus, it's fun to show off a little bit. Please don't expect me to respond to trade requests. I'm really not a trader, and I have all I can deal with just trying to bust these boxes in my spare moments. The cards I decide not to keep will eventually end up either at a popular auction house, or at a popular consignment website.

To heighten interest in the break, I will organize a couple of contests. All contest information (including results) will be in this thread, and entries need to be posted here as well. This keeps the Message Board tidy.


CONTEST #1: To kick things off, I will be giving away $25 in cards from my portfolio (instructions for selecting them will be provided via PM) to a contest winner based on the break of the very first case.

To participate, you need to guess the Box # and Pack # associated with the lowest print-run serial numbered card appearing in the first case (i.e., the “rarest” card). If there is a tie for lowest numbered card (e.g., two cards numbered /5), the winner will be the one I pull LAST. I consider a printing plate to have a print run of 4. There are 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case, so there are 288 packs total in the first case. Unlikely anyone will pick the exact pack with the lowest numbered card, but whoever's pick is closest is the winner. To break ties, you must also guess the number of total yards of offense (both teams combined) in the Louisville-Rutgers football game on Thursday night. Again, closest to the total yards wins, with any further tiebreak going to the first poster. All entries must be posted before the first pack is ripped, whenever that is on Wednesday. I settle all disputes.

A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this:

"Box #2, Pack #11, 770 yards"


CONTEST #2: The second contest will be called the GOLD REFRACTOR CHALLENGE. In this contest, you must predict the sum of the serial numbers of all the gold refractors appearing in the third and fourth cases of my break. So if I pull three gold refractors with serial numbers 07/50, 12/50, and 41/50, the sum would be *60*. Closest to the pin wins, and the tiebreaker is the number of points scored in the Big10 Championship Saturday night. Prize is $25 in cards from my portfolio.

A valid entry will look like this:

"SUM: 60; POINTS: 37"


CONTEST #3: In this contest I will be giving away $50 in cards from my portfolio (instructions for selecting them will be provided via PM) to a contest winner based on the break of cases #6 - #10.

In this contest, you will predict the HIGHEST SERIAL NUMBER I receive on an autographed card in cases #6 - #10 WITHOUT GOING OVER. All autographed cards with gold-stamped serial numbers on them count in this contest; redemptions or printed serial numbers (e.g., printing plates) do not count. If your guess is OVER the highest auto serial number I pull you are not eligible to win. Tiebreaks will be broken by your prediction of the number of points scored in the Houston-New England Monday night game on December 10th. Further tiebreaks by whoever posts first.

A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this:

"Highest serial number: #132, 37 points"


Make sense? Okay, good luck! Cutoff for entries will be when I start busting the sixth case.

Box #3, pack #13, 613 yards

I love your breaks. Thanks once again for the contest!
Box 6, pack 6.....690 yards.

Thanks again for the contests!
Box #2, Pack #7, 549 yards.

Thanks for the contest!
Box #5, Pack #11, 669 yards
Box #3, Pack #3, 636 yards
Good luck - 10 cases takes a while to open let alone sleeve Smile

Box #7, Pack #17, 523 yards
Box 8 pack 19....579 yards

Gooooo RU
Box 11, pack 11.....611 yards
Box #10, Pack #19; 729 yards

Thanks once again!
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