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I used to trade on here years ago under the same name and fell off after the format change.

I added about 60 cards to my organize to get started. There is a nice little mix of stuff. I will add more as time permits.

I'm looking to trade/buy for PSA/BGS graded rookies in all sports, rookie autographs and Minnesota cards and signed memorabilia.

If you used to trade with me in the past, please drop me a line. I am a little technology challenged and am still learning my way around this site.


you need to mark them for trade. welcome back to the siteSmile
Hey Guys!

Nice to see some familiar traders from back in the "Olden" days. I think I figured out the problem and they should all be visible now.
I did the same thing. I fell off with the format change as well but got back on last month..
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