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I love this product and since Linsanity died down so to has the price of wax and packs so I grabbed two packs. I Had the LCS owner pick them for me. I think I did well.

[Image: 2011-12ContendersHits.jpg]
Nice Big Cuz. Very cool
u did great
Nice Break! Pack buying does have advantages.
Especially at this guys store. He doesn't pack search or any of that nonsense.
Nice, good for you. I need to get that lucky.
It usually takes 4 to 5 packs for me. I pulled an Alex Burks auto out of prestige the last 5 packs of box.
I normally have zero luck with just buying a few packs. That night though I had some extra cash so I figure I would blow it on this stuff. I have two complete sets of the base stuff so I knew that I would be leaving the base stuff at the LCS. I was hoping for an insert and best case scenario an auto. Turns out it was two autos, no inserts and no base set that I wanted. I cannot complain though.
Pack busting is a lot like roulette. Sometimes you hit the number other times you get the color. Last week I bought a box of past and present and got 4 hits 3 autos and 1 mem. Then I bought 4 packs of Topps Chrome football and pulled an auto of T.J graham and then I bought the last 5 packs of 12 prestige and got the burks auto. That was a descent day. But I have had some really good days buying packs.
Man J you open something new like every day lol. I like the Cousins auto! Not bad at all for two packs!
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