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Full Version: Star autos for trade
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So last one was deleted...I call that a free bump!

I need these most of all but will take other interesting bait.
200ish trade for /10 hamilton wanted; we can negotiate if you have what I want.
I will also take nice trout and hellickson for the non autos or to fill out a trade.
I would really like a 1987 mini trout...
Tsuyoshi Nishioka
rafael belliard
greg maddux
Eddie Mathews

raines on card expos
Quisenberry CUT

[Image: 11-1.jpg]

[Image: 1111.jpg]

[Image: 111.jpg]

[Image: 11111.jpg]
Moore sp, sano /99, magic /5, harper /500, longo /57
Check me for the Harper.
Check me for the Sheffield
Ripken triple. Sheffield. Dawson. All 3 gone bump!
check me for the Hamilton please.
Open offer sent for the 007 relic.
put me in line for the 007 relic
Bump some more
Interested in the Hamilton Tier One if still available
Bump it
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