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On the back of the '48 Bowman Slaughter card I just purchased it says the card number and his name which is normal. But underneath the name it says "Country" in parentheses. I'm not sure what this means but I would like to find out.Thanks.
Mr. Slaughter was given his nickname "Country" because of his rural North Carolina roots. He was born in 1916 on a farm just outside Roxboro, and he learned to play baseball on a neighboring farm.

"We played over on Ray Moore’s farm," Mr. Slaughter said in an interview last year. "When we cut the wheat, we’d lay out a field and we’d play baseball. We took beeswax and thread and sewed our own baseball. Later, we took tape and wrapped it. My dad made me a bat out of a mulberry tree."
Thanks a lot! Wow, you really do learn something new every day.
Yeah, lots of great behind the scenes stories with the old timers.
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